Elevate Your Bathtime!

Have a Magical bath time experience. You no longer need to decide between a bubble bath or a bath bomb, we have you covered. Our Bubbly Bath Cupcakes will provide fluffy bubble frosting and a relaxing bath bomb base, the best of both worlds without the price tag of two products.


Up Your Beard Game!

Take your beard to the next level. Just starting to grow it in? Looking to tame the flyaways? Or does your partner say it's to scratchy? Our beard oil will save you. It will sooth your skin, tame the beard and help you get the most out of your facial hair!


Spice Up Your Soap Dish!

Spice up your soap dish with our artisan soap. You will get a luxurious creamy lather with small batch Goat's Milk Soaps that will catch your eye and entice your senses. These are not just for decoration, get clean in style!


High Quality
Unique Designs
Small Batches

Can't decide whether you want a bubble bath or a relaxing Bath Bomb? We have you covered, elevate your bath with our zero calorie bubbly bath bomb. The bubble frosting with give you luxurious bubbles and the bath bomb base will provide a relaxing and soothing bath experience. Indulge yourself today!

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Go back to a good old wet shave! Our shave soap will provide a wonderfully thick stable lather and with the help of bentonite clay it will help you get a closer shave.

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