It's Blog Time Folks!

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It's Blog Time Folks!

Hey Island Life Soap fans!  I thought that we would start to write a blog to keep you updated on what we have made, what we are making and what you can expect in the future!  

Alicia and I are blessed and humbled by all of you and your support of our business.  I cannot believe how much we have grown this year and we owe it to you guys, our customers.

This first blog post will talk about one of our most popular products, our Bubbly Bath Cupcakes!!

These were literally just something we thought would be fun and make a great gift for friends, kids, moms, yourself, pretty much anyone.  And the big benefit of them is that they are a 2 in 1 product!  These feature both a bath bomb and a solid bubble bath "frosting".  They smell great, they look wonderful and they treat you to a relaxing experience...or two!

bath cupcake

We worked out our recipes and even since then we have been experimenting to make them better! We want you to have the best product we can give you.  These are versatile as well.  I am personally a frugal person.  I am a person that when I treat myself to one of these cupcakes, I use it for two separate baths.  One with the 'base', so a standard bath bomb that leaves your skin feeling smooth and loved and generally leaves your water a fun colour adding another element to your relaxation time.  I will then save the 'frosting' for my next bath and have a luxurious bubble bath, again with wonderfully coloured water. Of course, we have our customers that will use these all in one go! It is definitely a personal choice!

margarita bath cupcake

A bit about the best way to use this fun 2 in 1 product!  We want you to get the best results with all of our products!  When you are ready to use your Bubbly Bath Cupcake, separate the frosting from the base.  You want to get the 'frosting' under the water as soon as you start running your bath to optimize your bubbles!  You can crumble it or rub it in your hands under the running water!  Once your tub is full, you can then add your bath bomb if you so choose (or like me, save the base for another tub time!)

Black Raspberry Vanilla Bath Cupcake

We are aware of concerns that the colours will stain your tub.  We take these concerns seriously!  We ensure we use dyes that are specific for bath bombs and within the recommended dosages, we also add Poly 80, this helps the dye emulsify in the water and prevent staining.  We will advise you, if your tub is old and has spots that are cracked or where the enamel as started to peel, we do not recommend you use our coloured bath bombs as these areas are porous and can still stain.